Meet our summer trainee 2020

EasyMining welcomes Ellen Larsson as a summer trainee 2020. She will conduct a market analysis for the nitrogen products from the Re-Fertilize project.

24 Jun 2020

– It feels great to welcome Ellen to the team. She will help us understand the market potential and thereby play a role in closing the nitrogen loop” says Anna Lundbom, project leader for the  Re-Fertilize project.

The overall goal of the RE-fertilize project is to demonstrate a new, innovative nitrogen cleaning and recovery process, which can be  used on liquids containing a high concentration of ammonium nitrogen. The recycled nitrogen product generated in the process is climate neutral and suitable for use in e.g. fertilizers. The highly innovative process will be tested under practical conditions at to sites, treating wastewater in a municipal waste water plant and leachate at a landfill.

Removing nitrogen from sewage water

In Sweden, large portions of the coast towns are required to remove nitrogen from their sewage water. In order to combat eutrophication, the levels of nitrogen allowed in water passing from a treatment facility are subject to regulation. The nitrogen removal methods most commonly used today focus only on reducing nitrogen in release water, not on capturing the nutrient for use as an agricultural fertilizer component.