Welcome summer trainees 2021

Finally they are here! We welcome our two interns who will spend eight weeks during the summer at EasyMining. Jennifer Gilchrist is studying entrepreneurship and business development in Gothenburg and Felicia Karlahag is doing her master's degree in molecular science and technology at KTH in Stockholm. They both want to work with sustainability and environmental issues and look forward to learning more about the recycling industry.

17 Jun 2021

The summer trainee program is initiated by Ragn-Sells (of which EasyMining is part of) and runs for eight weeks. As a trainee, you get to practice in several of Ragn-Sells operations, make contacts with senior executives and run your own project within the company's operations.

Jessica and Felicia will work at EasyMining in Uppsala and their supervisor will be Sara Stiernström, Product Manager at EasyMining, and Anna Lundbom, Marketing and Product Sales Manager at EasyMining.

– It feels great to welcome Jennifer and Felicia to the team. They will both, in different ways, help us understand the market potential for our products, and thereby play a role in closing nutrients cycles, says Sara Stiernström.

Market and product analysis for new technology

Jennifer Gilchrist has just completed her first year of a two-year Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Development at the Gothenburg School of Economics. Before that, she had her bachelor's dissertation at Jönköping University, where she studied Sustainable Enterprise Development.

– What mainly drives me is my desire to develop, and to contribute to the health of the planet and humans. In the future, I hope to be able to work with sustainability in some way. I am very interested in food, innovation and developing sustainable food systems and it would be fantastic to work with something I am passionate about!

Jennifer is going to conduct a market analysis and product evaluation for one of EasyMining's projects on recycled phosphorus, as well as evaluate potential customers. The project aims to understand the requirements on the product, market trends and customer needs.

– During this trainee program I hope to learn a lot in an area that interests me, e.g. sustainable agriculture and circular flows, and to be able to develop my theoretical knowledge into practice. I hope that this, in combination with becoming part of a team, will make me grow both on a personal level and professionally.

Mapping of how End-of-waste criteria are to be achieved

EasyMining has developed a number of processes aimed at extracting nutrients and other substances from waste. These substances must be productified, i.e. go from waste to product, to reach end of waste status. Waste can cease to be waste when the waste has undergone a recycling process, and during this summer Felicia will help EasyMining to document and show how these substances fulfill the products legislation, so that they can enter the market as recycled products.

– I really look forward to learn more about the recycling processes, and it will be exciting to see how EasyMining works with circularity and sustainability. I hope that I will learn a lot of exciting things that may not be addressed in my education.

Felicia is studying technical chemistry at KTH and is currently doing her master's degree in molecular science and technology.

– I want to work with environmental issues and be able to contribute to a more sustainable society. I think that analytical chemistry is very interesting and I would like to combine it with i.e. soil and water purification in the future. That's also why I look forward to working at EasyMining, which seems to have a lot of exciting projects.