Together with the design studio Form Us With Love we want to explore the application possibilities of the sand produced as a co-product from the Ash2Phos process, with the aim to create an interest from possible targets in the manufacturing and down sourcing market.

From Easy Mining’s Ash2Phos process of turning sewage sludge ash into phosphorus products, a red silica sand is created as a co-product.

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A fine sand

...is produced in the Ash2Phos process. It contains silica and iron oxide, which gives the sand its reddish hue. The expected amount to be produced per year is up up 45 000 tonnes.

Sand is the

...world’s second most consumed material. Since it is a fossil material, sand does not regenerate in the same pace as we consume it, and the world is facing a crisis of sand shortage. Illegal sand mining is the 3rd biggest crime in the world.

Sara Stiernström, Product Manager EasyMining, and Agnes Svensson, Design Manager Form Us With Love.

Jonas Pettersson, Co-founder Form Us With Love, and Sara Stiernström, Product Manager EasyMining.

Sara Stiernström
Product Manager

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