Position & Debate

In our commitment to creating sustainable technologies for the future, we actively address crucial environmental issues. This involves influencing decision-makers, developing innovative solutions, participating in consultations, and engaging in debates.

Below, you will find EasyMining's published references, opinion pieces, and white papers.

Our answer to the UWWTP directive

For the EU to have a stable production of fertilisers and feed, we need to take advantage of the resources that can be recovered by wastewater treatment plants. 

Introduce a quota for recycled nutrients

It is more crucial than ever to retrieve high-value raw materials from waste - or rather, from what is considered waste with current legislation.

From Wastewater Treatment Plants to Resource Plants

We need to ensure that the wastewater treatment plants of today will be the resource plants of tomorrow.

Feedback EU Taxonomy

By adding relevant criteria on recovery of nutrients, the taxonomy can play an important role for tomorrow's resource plants.

Sewage Sludge Directive

EasyMining welcomes the initiative to update the Sewage Sludge Directive. A sustainable SSD will assure that depts are not passed on to future generations. 

Organic farming legislation

We suggest that the principle of recycling from wastes in Organic Farming opens more widely for secondary nutrients.

Feed Additives Regulation

More efficient use of resources will be key in the EUs Circular Economy Action Plan. Animal feed and feed additive have an important role to play.

Circular legislation for sustainable sludge

EasyMining welcomes the initiative from the EU commission to make a new circular legislation for sustainable sludge handling. 

Barriers to chemical recycling

If managed correctly increased chemical recycling of waste could become an important component of the circular economy.