Employees are working together in pilot at EasyMining

EasyMining is hiring multiple important roles

EasyMining is in an expansive phase and hiring several colleagues in different areas. In this article, Johan Möller, Team lead Mechanical & Piping, and John Svärd, Head of Engineering, explains what it is like to work in an innovative company that supports society with important technologies creating circularity.

11 Oct 2023

EasyMining develops processes that enable extraction and recycling of important materials from society's waste. The company is growing rapidly and is hiring new colleagues within the mechanical and piping department for the office in Gothenburg, ready to contribute to society's circular development. 

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– Over the years, EasyMining has built a strong engineering team. Now, we're expanding our mechanical and piping team, with Johan leading the way, says John Svärd, Head of Engineering.

Johan Möller is an experienced mechanical engineer with a deep and long background in the process industry.

– To be involved in developing new processes in an innovation company and to contribute to reduce the extraction of nature's raw materials is extremely encouraging. It is essential for us to reduce our need of virgin raw materials and instead make use of already existing urban recourses, says Johan Möller, Team lead Mechanical & Piping.

– What I like with Johan and the EasyMining team is the common understanding that the path towards building process recovery plants, based on our own patented technologies, is not a straight-forward path. In order to be successful, it takes long-term commitment, dedication and flexibility when it comes to changing goals and priorities. What makes it worth while is that we get the rare chance to make a real contribution to a true circular society, says John Svärd.

John Svärd, Head of Engineering, and Johan Möller, Team lead Mechanical & Piping at EasyMining's Engineering Team in Gothenburg.

New exciting phase for the Mechanical and Piping discipline

EasyMining has since the beginning worked with new ideas and R&D projects, but is now also in an exciting phase where the company is commercialising the first developed technologies.

In late 2021 EasyMining and the German utilities company Gelsenwasser signed an agreement to build the world’s first phosphorus recovery plant based on the Ash2Phos technology. The detailed engineering is planned to start early 2024. 

The plant will be built at the Schkopau Chemical Park in Germany, and have a capacity of processing 30 000 ton ash from incinerated sewage sludge per year.

EasyMining has locations in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Uppsala, and Berlin. The engineering positions we are currently recruiting for, specifically within the mechanical and piping disciplines, are based in Gothenburg.