”Stimulating to work in an industry of the future”

Anna Lundbom started as a business developer at Ragn-Sells in 2012 and since then has had a number of leading positions within the company. She recently took over as marketing manager at Ragn-Sells' innovation company EasyMining. "Giving me a new position again just before taking parental leave is a sign that the company is investing in people and views them as long-term participants in their processes", Anna says.

14 Feb 2020

Before Anna Lundbom started as business developer at Ragn-Sells in 2012, she worked as a strategy consultant – including with the then Swedish management team in Ragn-Sells. In the role of business developer her work included a number of development projects. Her first assignment within the group was to project manage the production of Ragn-Sells' current customer portal. After two years as business developer, she changed job and became sales manager in region North.

"Having such a major staff responsibility and getting to see the organisation in such a large part of the country was highly developmental. Of course, being new manager for so many people in such a large geographic area was simultaneously a challenge," Anna says.

Had new challenges

During her time at Ragn-Sells, Anna has continuously had new challenges, and something that she appreciates is that she has had them even though she has not always had much experience of what she has taken on. The company has given her confidence with the attitude that ”you can do this”.

"I have also completed a number of training courses within the Ragn-Sells Academy and they maintain an extremely high quality. The Step Up programme, for example, has been incredibly beneficial."

After having had a role as business developer in the then management team for Ragn-Sells, in recent years Anna has been engaged in lobbying and positioning work in Sweden and has started to develop parts of a group-wide business intelligence operation.

"Ragn-Sells has started to influence society and to get a lot of attention in the media. Sustainability has become ”in” and interest in the issues has increased massively. This is now an industry of the future instead of an end station, and Ragn-Sells has consequently changed its way of talking."

"In 2012-2013 we started to talk about the circular economy for the first time, and that has now really taken off, even though the approach has been around for much longer than that. It takes time to become established as a voice in society to then be involved in having an influence."

Long-term work

Anna took up a new position in the spring as marketing manager in Ragn-Sells' innovation company, EasyMining, and she enjoys being in an everyday operation again – for she prefers to work operationally and in a team.

"EasyMining is in an exciting phase and things are now really starting to happen. Ragn-Sells has allowed EasyMining to take the time it has needed to take out patents for marketable solutions, and long-sightedness is a particular benefit of a family business. Giving me a new position again just before taking parental leave is a sign that the company is investing in people and views them as long-term participants in their processes," says Anna, who is currently on parental leave with her third child.