We increase interest in chemistry among youths

Chemistry Day (Kemins Dag) in Sweden is an annual event arranged by Swedish IKEM, Innovation and Chemical Industries. The goal is arousing and spreading interest in chemistry among young people.

14 Oct 2020

The Chemistry day is celebrated in schools throughout the country with the help of material packages that contain fun and educational experiments as well as instructions for teacher and students. Each year there is a new theme for the day. In 2020, the theme is Plant Health and focus is on phosphorous and nitrogen.

This year, EasyMining got the opportunity to develop the experiment for phosphorous which we were very happy to do. We hope that this will support the interest for chemistry among young people and also highlight the importance of this crucial nutrient.

Listen to Hugo Royen explain the importance of phosphorous and our thoughts with the experiment (in Swedish) below, and read more about the Chemistry Day (Kemins Dag)  here.