COP27: 3 questions for Jan Svärd

EasyMinings´ CEO Jan Svärd will participate in the UN COP27 climate summit that takes place in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt 7-18 November. As an expert in circular management of resources he is looking forward to sharing knowledge and insight on EasyMining´s circular solutions, and inspiring policymakers and business leaders.

10 Nov 2022

What are your expectations?

I hope that the conference will lead to a much stronger international collaboration between countries and companies, and that we can agree on meaningful actions to create a shift towards a circular economy. I am convinced that COP27 can be a major accelerator for a circular transition, but we need to make sure that decision makers enable and push this transition by securing supportive legislation and action plans.

What will be your main message and what do you hope to achieve?

If we are serious about creating a sustainable society we have to start recovering and recycling the nutrients that we have already produced, instead of throwing them away. As an expert in circular management of resources I look forward to sharing knowledge and showcasing already available circular solutions, and inspiring policymakers and business leaders.

Also, we must achieve a change in society where quality goes before origin if we want to reach a circular economy. Today the usage of circulated products many times are hindered, not due to quality issues but due to origin.

How can EasyMining help society reduce its impact on the climate?

The expertise we have at EasyMining will enable us to support the society with important solutions that create circularity. EasyMining has three separate, patented methods for recovering and recycling the three macronutrients crucial to agricultural fertilisers: Ash2Phos for phosphorus, Aqua2N for nitrogen, and Ash2Salt for potassium. We have to use the resource we already have produced over and over again – in this case to secure food production in the future.

At the same time, no single company can become circular on their own. Once you start understanding the true barriers to becoming more circular, you realise that partnerships and collaboration are key.

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