Live broadcast at EAT@Home

EasyMining has developed solutions for detoxifying and recirculating both phosphorus and nitrogen with a low carbon footprint. The challenge is that these recycled products cannot be used with current EU-legislation. On that topic, EasyMining together with Ragn-Sells, hosted a side session at EAT’s digital event EAT@Home on the 17th of December.

21 Dec 2020

The side session “A circular economy to help the planet heal - or the importance of enabling the use of circular and detoxified nutrients" included a deep dive into the problem by members of the European Parliament as well as the Swedish Parliament, scientists, retailers and the solution providers. Most important, we discussed how a way forward is possible by changing the legislation from today’s linear fossil dependent world into tomorrow’s circular and low carbon future.

– In order to make a change we have to bring together politics, science and industry. Tearing down the silos, that in many cases exists between these areas, is crucial in order to convert to a sustainable future, says Anna Lundbom, Head of Marketing at EasyMining.

– When it comes to our planetary boundaries’ science is clear, we are soon about to pass a threshold when it is impossible to reverse some of the planetary processes. Innovation in combination with new policies in place will be able to reduce some of the burdens, says Pär Larshans Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells.


Asger Christensen, Member of the Parlament for Danmarks Liberale Parti and apart of the Renew Europe Group
Magnus Ek, Member of Parliament for the Swedish Centre Party. He is the Centre Party’s spokesperson on environmental policies as well as foreign development policies
Kristina Atkisson, Programme Manager Baltic Stewardship Initiative, WWF
Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, Director of Science at EAT and Senior Scientist for Agrobiodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Resilience at Bioversity International
Dr Klaus KastenhoferSustainability Consultant