Insights from FEFAC workshop on feed

On June 14th, European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) held an internal workshop on advanced feeding strategies for enhanced and circular sustainable livestock and aquaculture production. EasyMining's Sara Stiernström was invited to participate and shares her insights in this summary.

29 Jun 2023

The purpose of the FEFAC workshop, which took place in Ystad (Sweden), was to analyse the drivers of success and failure for bringing to the market and up taking of feeding strategies, techniques, formulation or ingredients with a focus in particular on regulatory hurdles or enablers.

Sara Stiernström, Product Manager at EasyMining was one of the speakers. After her talk we had the chance to ask her some questions and learn important insights.

What was your most important message?

– Reaching the market with a recycled feed phosphate with origin in wastewater is not possible. I wanted to demonstrate that recycled feed phosphate can improve the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) in several categories; e.g., lower CO2 emissions and less impurities like uranium. At the same time I wanted to raise awareness about how today's feed legislation hinders new circular innovations. We need to focus on safety and quality and not ban on origin.

What did you hope to achieve?

– By attending this session, I hoped to showcase a good example with our Ash2Phos process and how we can make the feed value chain more sustainable and resilient with a recycled feed phosphate from sewage sludge ash. I also wanted to bring light to the regulatory challenges hindering the needed change to a circular economy.

What happens now?

– I meet a lot of other companies with the same regulatory challenges, and a goal now is to set up a roadmap on how we can work together to open the legislation for feed for recycled nutrients.

Sara Stiernström (to the right) at the FEFAC conference internal workshop in Ystad (Sweden).

The workshop was building on the recently released publication showcasing the potential of animal nutrition solutions.

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