Positive news for phosphorus recovery in Helsingborg

Together with Ragn-Sells, EasyMining has won a crucial case for recycling phosphorus from sewage sludge, bringing us closer to a circular economy with the Ash2Phos technology.

27 Oct 2023

On October 24th, Sweden took a significant step towards its own phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge, resulting in substantial emissions reductions.
Together with Ragn-Sells, we won in the high-profile case regarding plans to recycle the nutrient phosphorus from sewage sludge in Helsingborg. The Land and Environmental Court of Appeal supports our stance on environmental permits, and once the lower court has prescribed formal conditions, we’ll be good to go.
With the Ash2Phos technology, more than 90 percent of the phosphorus from the ash of incinerated sewage sludge is extracted. By producing phosphorus from sludge, which we already have in large quantities, we can replace phosphorus mined in Russia, China, and Morocco, resulting in emissions savings equivalent to 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
– If we are serious about building a sustainable, climate-neutral society, we must start using the raw materials we already have instead of producing new ones. This is especially important for the raw materials we have in limited supply, such as phosphorus, says Anders Kihl, Head of Research and Development at Ragn-Sells.

Read the full press release in Swedish (link to Ragn-Sells newsroom)