Isabella Lövin visited our pilot project

Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin visited EasyMining in Uppsala in December and was impressed by their achievements.

12 Oct 2019

The purpose of the visit was to present Easymining's pilot project to extract resources from various types of waste. Especially the procedures where phosphorus is extracted from incinerated wastewater sludge while separating heavy metals and other toxins, extracting rare earth metals from mining waste and extracting nitrogen from wastewater.

The Minister was given a presentation about EasyMining and Ragn-Sells’ circular projects. Award winning chemist and Development Manager Yariv Cohen explained the benefits of the innovative and patented phosphorus solution, Ash2Phos. It was also clearly addressed which laws and legislations that need to be change in order to make the Ash2Phos project possible on a bigger scale in order to contribute to a circular economy.

In the lab at EasyMining, the team showed how the procedure is done: Through a series of wet chemical process steps, clean phosphorous, iron and aluminium products can be produced with a minimal number of by-products, which impressed the Minister.

In the lab, the team showed how the Ash2Phos procedure is done.