Locally recycled fertiliser nutrients reduce risk of future food crises

Disrupted exports of cereals and other foods from Ukraine have been blamed for skyrocketing food prices, but a recent study indicates that fuel price and fertiliser scarcity are more important factors, and that stability is key to avoiding future crises.

31 Aug 2023

– We wanted to look at the effects of different shocks to the food system and compare the impact of restricted exports with increased prices on agricultural inputs like fuel and fertiliser. Our model ran between 2021 and 2040 and investigated four different scenarios. The results show that impact of fuel and fertiliser prices on food prices is larger than that of export restrictions, says Dr Peter Alexander of the University of Edinburgh, specialist in agriculture and food systems and lead researcher on the team behind the article.

According to Anna Lundbom, Marketing and Product Sales Manager at EasyMining, findings like these provide EasyMining with further incentives to scale up their solutions for circular nutrients.

– The sooner we can reduce our dependency on imports from unstable and undemocratic states, the better, says Anna Lundbom, head of marketing at EasyMining.

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