First delivery of mineral fertiliser nitrogen from recycling technology

In the end of March 2022, the first farm delivery of nitrogen fertiliser produced by side streams from water treatment took place. The fertiliser is produced within the LIFE Re-Fertilize project, a collaboration between EasyMining, owning the process, Ragn-Sells, BIOFOS and Lantmännen.

08 Apr 2022

The project's goal is to extract nitrogen from water treatment plants and landfills, and purify the liquid from unwanted substances. The method enables a transition from linear to a circular use of nitrogen in agriculture. There are hopes that the unique treatment technology in the future will be available in many different places and create sustainable and local fertiliser production.

– We want to capture the nitrogen that already is produced by the society and use it again and again, says Anna Lundbom, marketing manager at EasyMining and project manager for LIFE RE-Fertilize.

– In this way, we prevent greenhouse gas emissions as well as save energy and resources, she continues.

Farmer Bo Eriksson, who received the premiere delivery, is very satisfied.

– It is fun to be the first to take part in a sustainable fertiliser product that is also locally produced. I hope that this can be a fertiliser that I can continue to use in the future, says Bo Eriksson.

He also says that he is positively surprised that the levels of unwanted substances are so low and that the nitrogen content is high compared to, for example, manure from biogas plants.

The pilot plant where the manure is produced will now be moved to a treatment plant in Copenhagen. During the spring, there will be smaller deliveries of the recycling manure to farmers in the Skåne region.

– Lantmännen's role in the project is about both knowledge and resources. Lantmännen is the link between the invention and the farmer, we act as requirements setters and testers of the product. In the next step, Lantmännen can give the product a fair place in the market with the help of our sales organisation and advice, says Pär-Johan Lööf, Lantmännen R&D Manager.

Pär-Johan Lööf, Lantmännen, Anna Lundbom, EasyMining, Bo Eriksson, Farmer, Therese Åström, EasyMining.



EasyMining´s Aqua2N technology removes ammonium nitrogen from wastewater streams and converts it to ammonium sulphate.