EasyMining at NORDIWA wastewater conference

In september 2021, the Nordic Wastewater Conference was held for the 17th time. FIWA, DANVA, Norsk Vann, Samorka and Svenskt Vatten invited water professionals with an interest in wastewater, sewage, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. EasyMining was invited to talk in the section "Recyling and recovery of nutrients".

29 Sep 2021

The conference took place 28 September – 1 October

About the conference and programme

Om September 29, Carl-Johan Högberg, Group and Site Manager at EasyMining, and Yariv Cohen, Head of Research and Development at EasyMining, was invited to talk in the section "Recyling and recovery of nutrients".

Presentations - Innovative technology to remove nitrogen and produce climate smart fertilizers (Carl-Johan Högberg) and Ash2®Phos: Closing the phosphors cycle: Value added recycling from incinerated sewage sludge (Yariv Cohen) here:


EasyMining´s Aqua2N technology removes ammonium nitrogen from wastewater streams and converts it to ammonium sulphate.


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