Nordic collaboration for phosphorus recycling

Partners from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have launched a joint project to recycle phosphorus. Using EasyMining’s Ash2Phos technology, phosphorus will be recovered from residues from Danish poultry farming and Norwegian fish farming.

29 Jun 2021

Together with Denmark and Norway, Sweden, have launched a project that will jointly solve several challenges facing the Nordic countries. The project will use EasyMining´s Ash2Phos technology - a patented method for extracting phosphorus from ash.

In the collaboration, phosphorus-rich sludge from Norwegian fish farming is transported to the biogas company GrønGas in Hjørring, Denmark, where it is digested to extract energy in the form of biogas. The residue, where phosphorus is concentrated, is then blended with residue from the poultry breeder Danhatch, which also contains large amounts of the valuable nutrients. After incineration in a regular waste incineration facility, the ash is sent to EasyMining (in Sweden), where more than 90 percent of the phosphorus is extracted while unwanted substances are removed.

– This project is a great opportunity to create a circular solution for one of our critical raw material, using residue streams we previously not have looked into. It is a strength that companies from three Nordic countries want to collaborate in realizing a sustainable future, says  Jan Svärd, CEO at EasyMining. 

In June Denmark's Minister for Agriculture Rasmus Prehn visited the newly established research project. Read more in Ragn-Sells press release (28 June)  New Nordic collaboration for phosphorus recycling catches minister’s interest

In addition to Ragn-Sells and EasyMining, Affaldsselskabet AVV, GrønGas, Danhatch,, agriculture Asdal Hovedgaard and Hjørring municipality in northern Jutland stand behind the Nordic collaboration project. Aalborg University and the research organization SEGES participate as knowledge partners.