Ragn-Sells invests in Ash2Salt production facility

The new facility will be built at Ragn-Sells' Högbytorp recycling plant in Bro outside Stockholm. Construction is scheduled to start in mid-April 2020 and is estimated to take around two years. The investment of more than 50 million EUR is one of the largest ever in Swedish material recycling.

27 Feb 2020

Today, Swedish municipalities send about 150,000 tonnes of fly ash per year to Norway, where it is used to fill an old limestone quarry on the island of Langøya in the Oslo fjord. This means that the valuable substances in the ashes are wasted. Furthermore, within a few years the Langøya quarry will be filled up and closed. With Ash2Salt, EasyMining's panteted technology, the valuable resources in the ash can instead be recovered and utilized.

Read more about the new facility in our press room at www.ragnsells.com:

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