Project actions


Prototype development

Developing the prototype to be used for demonstrating the process, includes:

  • Process adjustment and optimisation
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Procurement and construction

This action will mainly be conducted by EasyMining, both with inhouse personnel and external assistance.


Demonstration of the process will be done by implementing the prototype at the:

  • Reject water in BIOFOS´ wastewater treatment plant Lynetten in Copenhagen
  • Leachate at Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox´s landfill in Bro outside Stockholm

The demonstration are planned to be running three months at each site, with an additional time for start-up and commission.

Preparation for the demonstration, for example decision on final location, will be conducted parallell with the prototype development.

Monitoring, evaluation and replicability

Monitoring of the removal and recovery process will be performed to ensure that the project objectives are met and that risks and problems are identified and dealt with at an early stage.

The process’s performance will be measured and evaluated over time against set values and a final evaluation of the technology will be done against goals, set in collaboration with users and customers.

The total effect of the process on the potential future reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and cost impact will also be evaluated as well as socio-economic impacts of the project. 

The project is designed to cover all activities needed to ensure a cost-efficient replicability and transferability of the results from the project. The commercialisation of the project’s results will be secured through different activities, both during and after the end of the project, like establishing a business plan and an After LIFE-plan and act on these.

Dissemination and project management

The progress of and results from the project will be communicated both in media and at conferences and exhibitions. For more information on where and when please see Meet LIFE RE-Fertilize in IRL and media.

A monitoring program for the project´s progress will allow the project management to ensure that the project is completed according to the set budget and time plan. The project will, in addition to regular project management team and steering group, have a reference group consisting of experts from universities and representatives from the wastewater and agriculture sectors in order to make sure of the right direction of the project.

The RE-Fertilize project was financed by the EU LIFE programme. Project number LIFE18 ENV/SE/000265.