Sustainable feed phosphate

Together with different partners, we are evaluating and demonstrating safe and effective use of our recycled calcium phosphates recovered from sewage sludge incineration ashes in animal feed.

Through our Ash2Phos process, phosphorus is extracted and converted into RevoCaP, a pure, non-crystalline calcium phosphate. To assess RevoCaP's viability, we have initiated several collaborative projects.

Our findings show that this recycled feed phosphate is highly digestible for animals such as pigs and chickens and meets all quality requirements set by feed legislation. Furthermore, we have thoroughly assessed the entire value chain- from sewage sludge to finished feed phosphate- to ensure it is free from relevant pathogens, including prions.

Currently, we are evaluating the digestibility of RevoCaP in young pigs (28 days old) in an ongoing study.

Read more about the projects here:

RevoCaP® - Recycled feed and fertiliser phosphate

The high-grade phosphorus (purity greater than 98%) extracted by EasyMining´s Ash2Phos process is converted into a pure, noncrystalline calcium phosphate called RevoCaP.

This can be used as slow-release fertiliser, animal feed phosphate or further processed into conventional fertilisers. Co-products are ferric chloride, aluminium chemicals and sand fraction.