COP28 | Dubai | 30 nov-12 dec

EasyMining at the Swedish Pavilion

Showcasing new products from Ash2Phos

At the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, EasyMining is proudly participating as part of the Swedish delegation, unveiling innovative products derived from the patented phosphorus recovery process, Ash2Phos.

Through the Ash2Phos process, which turns sewage sludge ash into phosphorus products, a red silica sand emerges as a valuable co-product. The sand is iron-rich and holds significant potential for various applications in materials.

Collaborating with the design studio Form Us With Love, EasyMining is actively exploring the diverse applications of this sand and how it can be integrated into new circular products.

Within the Swedish Pavilion at COP28, EasyMining is presenting two of these circular products, a brownish mud-paint and a sound-absorbing panel, where the red sand plays an essential role as a key ingredient.

The sand has been the key ingredient to make a brownish mud-paint produced by Färgbygge Productions. About the paint (max 2-3 sentences)

The sand has been the key ingredient to make a sound-absorbing panel by Träullit. About the sound absorbers (max 2-3 sentences)


is a method for processing incinerated sewage sludge and was developed primarily as a circular solution for phosphorus in fertilisers and feed. It recovers the valuable nutrient essential for growing food, which otherwise would have been lost, and puts it back into circulation. Yet the Ash2Phos process recovers a lot of other material as well.

“One of the things that we get, and the material produced in the largest volume, is the sand. It’s something that’s not critical like phosphorus, but it’s getting there”

Sara Stiernström, Product Manager at EasyMining

Form Us With
Love was invited in late 2022 by EasyMining to create a pilot-study exploring the application possibilities of their red sand. The company started to explore different applications of the material, all focusing on architectural elements, from paint and sound absorbers to terrazzo bricks and outdoor concrete furniture. They developed and tested potential applications and then reached out to different industries and built partnerships to produce the prototypes.

“The biggest challenge was the complexity of the project, and really looking at the full value chain. But that’s also what we loved about this project”

Agnes Svensson, Design Manager at Form Us With Love