EasyMining´s Aqua2™N Process enables efficient removal and recovery of ammonium from aqueous flows.

EasyMining’s new patented innovation enables efficient removal and recovery of ammonium from aqueous flows. In our unique solution nitrogen is captured by an precipitation chemical and separated from the wastewater. As a second step the captured ammonium is recovered in a conversion plant to a fertiliser and the precipitation chemical is regenerated to be used again.

EasyMining’s process helps lowering emissions of both CO2 and the even more powerful greenhouse gas N2O and prevents eutrophication by lowering the nitrogen load on the conventional nitrogen removal process and thereby improving the quality of the effluent. The process creates a circular flow with clean ammonium products made from the nitrogen removed from the waste water.

The benefits:

  • Prevent eutrophication
  • Energy efficiency
  • Resource efficiency
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Cost efficient

The process consists of several successive chemical reactions performed at elevated temperature but atmospheric pressure. There is no need for pressurised vessels or for exceptional materials to be used for the equipment. The mass balance of the process is favourable, since most input chemicals become a part of the product.

The main inputs of the process:

  • Ammonium-containing wastewater
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Ammonia

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