How does Aqua2®N work?

In our unique solution nitrogen is captured by an precipitation chemical and separated from the wastewater. As a second step the captured ammonium is recovered in a conversion plant to a fertiliser and the precipitation chemical is regenerated to be used again.

EasyMining’s process helps lowering emissions of both CO2 and the even more powerful greenhouse gas N2O from wastewater treatment plants. By lowering the nitrogen load in the wastewater treatment plant, the Aqua2N-process makes it possible to either reduce the nitrogen in the effluent from the plant, connect more p.e. (people equivalent) to the existing plant or reduce the nitrogen removal in the main flow of the plant. The process creates a circular flow with qualitive ammonium salts made from the nitrogen removed from the waste water.

The sludge liquor in wastewater treatment plant is only 0,5-1,5% of the total flow, but it stands for 15-30% of the nitrogen load. The Aqua2N process removes more than 95% of the ammonium nitrogen on a typical sludge liquor. 

The process consists of successive chemical reactions performed at ambient or slightly elevated temperature but atmospheric pressure. There is no need for pressurised vessels or for exceptional materials to be used for the equipment. The mass balance of the process is favourable, since most input chemicals become a part of the product.

The process is a two-step process, first catching the ammonium nitrogen and thereafter converting it to ammonium salt. When working with sulphuric acid, the process produces a liquid ammonium sulphate with up to 20% concentration. If higher concentration is wanted, it is possible to have an evaporation step increasing the concentration up to 40%.

The ammonium sulphate produced is suitable as fertiliser, either on its own or mixed with other nitrogen fertilisers or plant protection. The agronomic effect of the product is comparable to conventionally produced ammonium sulphate, which has been proven in agronomic tests conducted by SLU (Swedish Agricultural University). The product fulfils the EU Fertiliser Product Regulation 1009/2019. 

Aqua2®N - From wastewater to vital resource generation

Re-Fertilize project

The main objective of the Re-Fertilize project was to demonstrate EasyMining’s innovative process for nitrogen removal and recovery.