The world's first Ash2Phos plant

In partnership with Gelsenwasser, EasyMining will build the world's first phosphorus recovery plant using the Ash2Phos technology in Germany. Set to start operations in early 2027, the new plant represents a paradigm shift in phosphorus recovery technology.

Located in Schkopau, eastern Germany, the Ash2Phos plant will have a capacity of 30,000 tonnes ash from incinerated sewage sludge per year. It will play a pivotal role in securing a stable and locally sourced supply of high-quality phosphorus within Europe. 

Furthermore, it will generate valuable co-products including ferric chloride, sodium aluminate, and sand, positioning them as indispensable commodities crucial for various societal applications.

Phosphorgewinnung Schkopau

We are building the world's first plant for phosphorus recovery based on the Ash2Phos technology in Schkopau, Germany.

World's first Ash2Phos plant

Investment desicion: May 2021 (press release)
Site: Schkopau Chemical Park
Capacity: 30 000 ton sewage sludge ash per year
Plant in operation: 2027

Phosphorus plays a vital role in fertilisers and livestock feed. It is traditionally sourced from non-renewable phosphate rock. However, new methods are emerging to extract phosphorus from incinerated sewage sludge, providing both a circular and domestic alternative source.

The Ash2Phos plant will be built by Phosphorgewinnung Schkopau GmbH (PGS), a joint venture formed by EasyMining and the German infrastructure utility GELSENWASSER AG in 2021.  

Contact: Christian Kabbe, Managing Director EasyMining Germany
Send e-mail / +49 176 61537926