Circular phosphorus – better for planet and people

EasyMining’s Ash2Phos process extracts phosphorus from the ash of sewage sludge after incineration, along with other commodities such iron chloride and aluminium products. It can recover more than 90% of the phosphorus present in the ash.

The phosphorus content in the renewable, domestic resource sewage sludge ash is many times higher than that of mined phosphate rock. The potential in putting it to use is enormous. By separating out the metals in the ash, the Ash2Phos technology enables domestic production of cleaner, safer phosphates.

Phosphate rock, the standard raw material for the production of phosphorus fertiliser, is a finite resource. It is also often contaminated with high levels of heavy metals like cadmium and uranium. Today, these toxic substances are not completely separated out during the production process and tend to end up in the fertiliser being spread on farmland.

By incinerating the sewage sludge and treating the ash with the Ash2Phos technology, undesirable substances are either destroyed or separated out for disposal. The final product contains next to no contaminants.

Clean Phosphorus initiative

The Clean Phosphorus initiative will work to champion and advocate for phosphorus recovery and recycling processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.