Milestones & Achievements

The last ten years, we have seen a steady flow of innovations and patent, and continuous expansion through organic growth and investments.


In the beginning of 2023 we successfully conclude the EU LIFE RE-Fertilize project and begin laying the groundwork for the commercialisation of our Aqua2N process. In April, the world's first large-scale Ash2Salt plant is inaugurated just outside Stockholm. Through a risk assessment, we affirm the negligible pathogen risk in our recycled phosphate product. Together with the design studio Form Us With Love, we start to explore the application possibilities of the sand produced as a co-product from the Ash2Phos process. In Germany, we partner with MSE and Gelsenwasser to spearhead phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge, and in Canada, we collaborate with the Frisen Group to develop a premium feed product market. Throughout the year, we actively engage in various events and conferences, including AquaTech and COP28, and we win the Great Engineering Prize in Innovation in Sweden. We also receive court approval for the construction of the Ash2Phos plant in Sweden.


In 2022, we inaugurate the Aqua2N demonstration plant at BIOFOS in Denmark and make our first deliveries of recycled nitrogen fertiliser to farms in Sweden and Denmark. We start pilot runs for producing sample products from Ash2Phos and apply to get RevoCaP approved for organic farming in the EU. We also launch a new initiative to foster the recovery of clean phosphorus in Germany. At the end of the year, we host several seminars at the UN climate conference (COP27), and we are also one of 10 finalists for the world's largest environmental award, the Food Planet Prize.


We start a new project to test recovered phosphorus as feed phosphate, with positive results. We sign an agreement with Alfa Laval and Hitachi Zosen Inova, and we participate in several talks, including the UN climate summit, on the subject of circularity. In the end of 2021 we celebrated the grand opening of the demonstration plant for our nitrogen removal and recovery process, and we announced joint venture to build the world’s first phosphorus recovery plant based on the Ash2Phos technology. 


In April the construction of the first Ash2Salt-plan starts. In the autumn EasyMining and Gelsenwasser expand their cooperation for phosphorus recycling in Germany and the basic engineering for the first German plants begins. EasyMining also applies for a permit to build an Ash2Phos plant in Helsingborg, Sweden. EasyMining starts to put focus on the constraints in the EU legislation regarding circular products, joining forces with Miltton and EAT. EasyMining continues to expand, exceeding 25 employees in December 2020. Jan Åke Jonsson is appointed Chairman of the Board. 


Ragn-Sells invests 50 million EUR to build the first plant for Easymining's Ash2Salt process. Company expansion - between 2007 and 2019 EasyMining has grown from 2 to over 20 employees. EasyMining receives about SEK 19 million from the EU's LIFE programme (LIFE18 ENV/SE/000265) for its innovation within nitrogen extraction to demonstrate the patented method on a large scale. The Swedish Chemical Engineers National Association (SKR) Chemical Engineering Award 2019 is awarded to Yariv Cohen, Development Manager at EasyMining. EasyMining is named “Innovator of the Year 2019” at the Recycling Gala in Stockholm. 


During the spring EasyMining performs two successful pre-industrial pilot runs in Helsingborg and can confirm the chemical process validity of Ash2Phos. A Basic Engineering of the Ash2Phos process are purchased from COWI. Gelsenwasser and EasyMining enter a partnership for phosphorus recovery in Germany. BIOFOS and EasyMining enter a partnership to recover phosphorus from Danish sewage sludge ash. During 2018 EasyMining grows from 4 to 10 employees.


EasyMining participates in several conferences and establishes collaboration with COWI as an engineering partner for the Ash2Phos process.


In May the Ash2Salt process is officially presented at the Ragn-Sells “Future days”, an annual seminar organized by the Ragnar Sellberg Foundation. In November the company hires a new CEO, Jan Svärd, with extensive experience from leading positions in the chemical industry.


EasyMining initiates a project with Ragn-Sells on how to extract salts from a wash solution from treatment of fly ashes with a high chlorine content. In December, another circular solution is achieved when EasyMining files a patent for the Ash2Salt process.


EasyMining patents the Ash2Phos process for phosphorus recovery from incinerated seage sewage sludge ashes. In March Ragn-Sells and several individuals connected to Ragn-Sells acquire shares in the company, becoming majority owners. The interest for the new technologies developed by EasyMining and Ragn-Sells is increasing and representatives are interviewed on the Swedish Radio on phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash.


Another patent is filed for the CleanMAP process.


EasyMining performs the first successful tests of a process for the recovery of phosphorus and REE (rare earth elements) from mining waste. The company receives funding from Vinnova for a project to test the Ash2Phos process on a larger scale.


Ragn-Sells becomes part owner in the company.


A complementary patent is filed for the CleanMAP process that enables energy efficient production of clean water-soluble mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP).


EasyMining acquires funding from Vinnova for research and development on extraction of phosphorus from incinerated sewage sludge ashes. This research led to the development of the Ash2Phos process.


New owners joined the company, including the owners of the large Swedish recycling company Ragn-Sells.


EasyMining Sweden was founded to commercialize the phosphorus extraction innovation CleanMAP, which was developed during several years of research performed by Dr Yariv Cohen at SLU in Uppsala.