EasyMinings´s CleanMAP technology extracts ammonium phosphate from mining waste or other sources.

The CleanMAP technology enables cost effective production of pure and well defined monoammonium phosphate (MAP) or diammonium phosphate (DAP) of technical grade (i.e. fully water soluble). The process does not require any evaporation, making it highly energy efficient. It only uses common commercial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, lime, ammonia etc.

Depending on composition of the initial raw material, the process can also allow extraction and separation of valuable elements in low concentrations that be made into commercial products. The cadmium content in the ammonium phosphate product is below 1 mg Cd/Kg P. Other pollutants such as uranium and thorium are also separated, creating a state-of-the-art clean product. The CleanMAP technology is highly flexible and can be integrated parallel to existing production lines, replace existing production lines or used in in new plants.


Almost all phosphorus used in modern fertilisers originate from phosphate mines. The phosphate-containing apatite rock is mined and shipped to fertiliser industries. The fertiliser industry traditionally uses large amounts of energy for water evaporation to produce a highly concentrated phosphoric acid from the apatite.

The phosphoric acid is then used as a raw material for different types of phosphate fertilisers. This creates a large energy demand which constitutes a substantial part of the industry’s operational cost. The processes also often lack the ability to remove all the heavy metals present in the apatite, therefore the final product will contain heavy metals such as cadmium which end up in either the food or the soil.

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