Fertiliser Industry

High energy consumption can be a big expense when producing water soluble MAP (monoammonium phosphate) and DAP (diammonium phosphate). The central part of our CleanMAP technology is to extract phosphorus from different phosphorus sources in the form of pure, solid and water-soluble phosphate salts (MAP, DAP) in a cost-effective way.

The three main benefits of the Clean MAP process are:

Reduced capital costs

CleanMAP renders entire plant sections unnecessary, such as evaporators, steam distribution systems, condensation systems, effluent gas treatment systems, cooling water systems, and acid storage facilities. Capital costs for the new technology are lower than the savings on excluded plant sections.

Reduced operational and maintenance costs

CleanMAP reduces operational costs since no steam is needed for acid concentration, and no complex gas treatment is needed for effluent gases. Reduced maintenance cost are also achieved since there is no need for sludge and scale removal from evaporation systems.

Quality difference – technical grade vs. fertiliser grade

CleanMAP enables direct production of MAP or DAP of technical grade. Pollutants such as cadmium, uranium and fluorine are separated effectively. The products are well defined and completely water-soluble. Phosphorus concentration is about 20 percent higher than in ammonium phosphates of fertiliser grade.


EasyMinings´s CleanMAP technology extracts ammonium phosphate from mining waste or other sources.