Girl working in EasyMining´s lab

EasyMining's innovations are promoting the circular economy

Ever since the outset in 2007, EasyMining has been working to produce new technologies to capture nutrients from waste - at the same time as toxic substances are separated and treated. "The expertise we have enables us to support society with important technologies that create circularity - which is the only solution to ensure that the Earth's resources do not run out," says Jan Svärd, CEO of EasyMining.

28 Sep 2020

When EasyMining's Ash2Phos -process was invented, it was a completely new way to produce a pure, recycled phosphorus fertiliser from sewage sludge. The innovation company has subsequently continued to invent new technologies where intelligent, chemical solutions are used to recover important materials from waste. The detoxified recycled materials can then be reintroduced into the cycle.

– Since industrialisation, we have been pumping various toxic substances into the ecosystem and before we transition to a circular economy, we must create a kidney and a liver for society. That is exactly what EasyMining's technologies are, societies vital organs for detoxification. By detoxifying problematic flows and restoring important nutrients, we are really benefiting the climate, says Pär Larshans, sustainability manager within the Ragn-Sells Group, of which EasyMining has been a part since 2014.

Technologies which support society

EasyMining has applied the work of producing new innovations, from lab to full-scale production, and building expertise, to different materials and it has several other patents besides Ash2Phos. CleanMAP is a technology that makes the production of the commercial fertiliser MAP (monoammonium phosphate) more efficient. In Ash2Salt, fly ash is washed so that three different salts are extracted and become commercial products. In Project N, nitrogen is extracted from ammonium-rich water through a chemical method and becomes fertiliser.

– The expertise we have will enable us to support society in the future with important solutions that create circularity - which is the only solution to ensure that the Earth's resources do not run out. EasyMining’s advanced technologies, where we can extract important materials from waste, deliver major opportunities in the transition to a circular economy, says Jan Svärd, CEO at EasyMining.

Represents green chemistry

EasyMining participated during COP25 in Madrid in order to report on how the company's technologies promote the circular economy by capturing important nutrients – at the same time as toxic substances are separated and treated.

– Processes in the future must be based on the type of green chemistry that EasyMining represents. It became clear at COP25 that EasyMining can help society to reduce its impact on the climate and that we can recycle elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus in a responsible way, Pär Larshans says.



EasyMinings´ Ash2Phos technology extracts phosphorus and other resources from sewage sludge ash.


EasyMining´s Aqua2N technology removes ammonium nitrogen from wastewater streams and converts it to ammonium sulphate.


EasyMining´s Ash2Salt technology extracts pure potassium, sodium and calcium chloride from hazardous fly ash.