EasyMinings´ Ash2Phos technology extracts phosphorus and other resources from sewage sludge ash.

Phosphorus, one of the key nutrients in mineral fertiliser, is crucial for agriculture to be able to produce enough food. Today, Europe is highly dependent on phosphorus mined in a few other countries. This leads to large climate emissions, creates great supply risk, and makes the EU vulnerable to wild price fluctuations.

This is why we have developed Ash2Phos, a circular solution for recovering phosphorus from the sewage sludge ash, a reliably produced, renewable mineral concentrate produced in the course of wastewater treatment.

Circular phosphorus

The phosphorus content in the renewable, domestic resource sewage sludge ash is many times higher than that of mined phosphate rock. The potential in putting it to use is enormous.

How does it work?

The Ash2Phos process can transform the sludge ash into a raw material for phosphorus extraction and thereby be a part of a circular solution for phosphorus management.

Clean white phosphorus on a table

Clean Phosphorus

The Clean Phosphorus (Sauberer Phosphor 2029) initiative will work to champion and advocate for phosphorus recovery and recycling processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

World's first Ash2Phos plant

EasyMining is in the process of setting up a full-scale plant for recovering phosphorus in Germany, together with the utility company Gelsenwasser. The plant will be built in Schkopau and have a capacity of 30 000 ton ash from incinerated sewage sludge per year. 


Strengthens resilience

Reduces import dependency for an essential and critical element. Greater food security for society.

High grade recovery

Over 90% recovery of phosphorus plus other valuable commercial-grade chemicals.

Real waste reduction

Utilises more than 95% of the ash.

Robust process

Output product quality (P, Fe, Al) is independent of input ash quality. High flexibility for incinerator operators.

Produces pure products

Efficient heavy metal separation detoxifies the nutrient cycle.

Complies coming legislation

Process aligns with EU strategic goals and future legislation for phosphorus recovery and supply.

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Managing Director EasyMining Germany

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